Mental health has worsened substantially as a result of the pandemic. Groups have not been equally impacted; young adults and women have been hit hardest.

– Institute for Fiscal Studies

Paula works full-time, supporting young people with special needs. She also lives with her elderly grandmother, as her main carer.

Under pressure at the best of times, life during the coronavirus pandemic became harder still. Stopping work during lockdown was impossible.

Ever more fearful that her job put her grandmother at risk, she fell into a pattern of sleeping more often, crying uncontrollably and eating little.

Paula became overwhelmed – and a massive panic attack followed. Her employer signed her off work and referred her to MorganAsh.

MorganAsh can help where mainstream healthcare struggles … by providing professional empathy, understanding, practical help and advice.

A series of sessions with a trained MorganAsh nurse, over two months, helped Paula obtain support for her grandmother – both from a nurse and another family member.

MorganAsh also helped Paula negotiate a staged return to her job. ‘A problem shared’ lifted the weight of responsibility and Paula felt more able to cope.

She returned to work; her stress and anxiety reduced, and she regained her positivity.

“It was a brilliant service. Setting aside time to speak to MorganAsh helped me think about where I was up to in terms of illness; it made me more aware of my situation.”

Peace of mind

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Our clients say:

At Key, we are committed to helping customers achieve the best possible outcomes and, as part of this, we are exploring opportunities to work more closely with MorganAsh in this arena. The industry needs more initiatives like MARS.”

Will Hale, CEO, Key