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Some things look effortless – but take great dedication and skill to get absolutely right.

Getting it right starts with what matters most. At MorganAsh, that’s always the individual – placed firmly at the heart of everything we do.

We’re leaders in combining health expertise with the efficiencies of technology.

We use a series of online portals and a team of senior nurses to connect and interact with people. This method delivers the best of both worlds – using automation where it counts and healthcare expertise to explore topics in more depth. By fostering comfortable, open conversations, we deliver more detailed, accurate data to underpin services for the healthcare, insurance and financial sectors.

We’ve managed over a million cases, saved clients millions of pounds and won many industry awards.

  • Our absence intervention service addresses long-term attendance problems by resolving the specific health issues of each employee.
  • Care Navigator helps people find the right care home, or care at home, based on the needs of our elderly loved ones.
  • More realistic pension scheme valuations come from the actual health data of individual scheme members, rather from postcode-based estimates.
  • We provide highly streamlined medical underwriting for financial advisers and providers – to obtain faster, better contracts for insurance, investments and vulnerability assessments.

We’ve built a reputation for innovation and reliability, resulting in lasting partnerships – trusted by the majority of the UK and Ireland’s insurance companies.

Healthcare expertise, financial services experience and digital systems. It sounds complicated, but MorganAsh makes the complex, simple. For us, everything starts with the individual – because if it’s better for people, it’s better for business.

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Our clients say:

I found the service flexible and I like that. I needed counselling but I wanted to split the sessions over a period of a few months as my depression can be up and down. The nurse was very understanding.

Peace of Mind client