There are around twenty-eight million potentially vulnerable adults in the UK, around half of the adult population. This estimate encompasses a broad range of vulnerabilities, including cognitive, medical, economic and social.

While many of these are manageable, some affect people’s daily lives.

New regulations from the FCA require that financial services firms must understand individual consumers’ vulnerability characteristics and the potential for avoidable risk.

This can be both an opportunity and a challenge, but the opportunity is seized, and the challenge met, with the MorganAsh Resilience System – MARS.

MARS helps those in the financial sector to assess, measure and manage the vulnerability status of customers in an objective, fair and consistent way.

A secure, cloud-based system, MARS minimises the complexity of assessing vulnerable people.

It’s easy to use – both for financial services organisations and for consumers.

Individuals are assessed holistically and in depth.

At its heart is an objective, understandable ‘resilience rating’ – similar to a credit score.

This rating provides an unbiased, consistent measure of vulnerability. It can be used across an organisation and even between organisations, enabling decision-makers to understand and benchmark the precise extent and characteristics of consumer vulnerabilities in granular detail.

When needed, a team of specialist staff, including experienced nurses can be on hand to provide additional help as well as adding the human touch so often lacking in similar systems, but highly beneficial when assessing or assisting the vulnerable.

Data can be entered directly by consumers, by organisations, or an assessment can be booked to be completed by MorganAsh.

More than an assessment tool, MARS is a rich information system which provides intelligent, contextual recommendations for any required next steps for specific vulnerabilities.

For example, if a person has dementia, then MARS will flag that a specialist assessment may be needed, or signpost to an appropriate charity for help or support.

Resilience data can be tracked over time as vulnerability characteristics change.

A greater granularity of customer characteristics leads to a better understanding of their needs and opens opportunities.

MARS is flexible – and can be easily configured to each organisation’s requirements, and it integrates with other systems via a secure API.

A suite of reports helps organisations to demonstrate compliance with the FCA’s guidelines as well as delivering services in the most ethical way.

It’s quick and easy to set up.

It’s flexible to configure.

It’s secure.

It provides an easy-to-understand resilience rating and mutual protection for both buyer and seller.

MARS. Measures resilience. Manages vulnerability.

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Our clients say:

The overall growth in medically underwritten bulk annuity activity this year has been considerable, not surprising given the improved pricing this can bring. Effective data collation from pensioners is crucial – MorganAsh’s activity in this area can only help support further market growth.

Costas Yiasoumi, director of defined benefit solutions, Partnership