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Helm Godfrey – iRetire

MorganAsh worked with Helm Godfrey to help provide an enhanced annuity service where 60% of cases received a higher income.

Pavis Financial Management

MorganAsh was able to undertake sensitive medical assessments quickly and easily, resulting in a faster turnaround of cases and greater accuracy of information.

St. James’s Place

MorganAsh has helped St. James’s Place, the UK’s largest financial adviser, to achieve better annuity prices.

More information: Call 0330 159 8167 or e-mail us
Annuities quotations

Annuities quotations

The need

Around 70% of consumers qualify for an enhanced annuity. But most quotes do not reflect this, due to the challenges of obtaining the full medical information in the correct format. Financial advisers are busy, and few have in-depth healthcare expertise.

The service

MorganAsh’s annuity quotations service makes it easy to apply for impaired annuities. Our one-stop process allows financial advisers to submit applicants’ details to us – from which we complete a medical interview and send it through to the insurance providers for quotations. All interviews are undertaken by qualified nurses, so we are able to provide the most accurate information to providers – ensuring that financial advisers get the best rates for their clients.


  • No detailed sensitive medical questioning of clients.
  • A simple process – just supply the client’s details and MorganAsh does the rest.
  • Dramatically reduces administration for financial advisers.
  • Eliminates delays as all information is gathered during the medical interview.


  • Independent medical assessments provide greater confidence to underwriters, thus facilitating better rates.
  • Slick process with minimal hassle for financial advisers and your clients.
  • Save time and money.
  • The client experiences a professional and thorough process.
  • Eliminates advisers’ liability for not acquiring the best rate due to poor medical information.

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Our annuities quotations service in action

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Our clients say:

The receipt of high-quality data is paramount in enabling us to understand the health of individuals and it ensures there is no bias in selection. The MorganAsh interview is of high quality and reliability and we are happy to price on this basis.

Phillip Beach, head of core pension risk transfer business for Legal and General