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These days, most people are worried about data privacy – and everyone wants to be sure that their personal data is safe.

No one takes data protection more seriously than MorganAsh. It’s built into every aspect of what we do – and managed continually, right around the clock.

All of our interviews are one-to-one, undertaken only when interviewees are alone, in a private setting.

Our research teams are all medical professionals, fully trained and vetted. But even they have only limited, controlled access to just the data they need, and just at the point in time when they need it.

We use technology to manage all of our processes and we avoid using paper wherever possible. Any paper needed is carefully controlled – and shredded immediately after use.

Our software is all purpose-built, by our own developers, with security and data protection at its heart. Everything is encrypted and stored behind several layers of firewalls, protected at a secure data centre, on its own dedicated hardware.

We monitor everything, twenty-four hours a day. Every single access is logged – and those access logs are monitored too.

And, because the very definition of what’s secure changes daily, we change daily too. Continual improvement is a core part of our culture, and we are audited regularly to confirm this.

We have individual contracts with each insurance company, ensuring that the data is kept just as securely when we pass it to them.

We don’t share personal medical information with trustees, companies or consultants. Only those who need to see personal data are allowed to see it.

We must be getting it right, because we’re trusted to undertake projects for eight out of ten of the top life insurance companies in the UK and eight out of ten of life insurers in Éire.

Managing personal medical data. Data protection. MorganAsh.

It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

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Our clients say:

Supporting consumers in vulnerable circumstances is hugely important, so we are thrilled to be able to provide our partners with groundbreaking technologies that quickly spot signs of financial vulnerability which will ensure our clients receive the best possible support. Not only does this lead to a better outcome for clients, but it provides much-needed support for advisers navigating some of the complexities in supporting vulnerable clients.

Edward Grant, Director of SJP’s Technical Connection division and leader of the partnership’s efforts to support vulnerable clients