Consumer Duty webinars

Our regular Consumer Duty webinars and round-table discussions, featuring specialists in Consumer Duty and customer vulnerability – aimed primarily at the financial services sector.


The three Cs: customers, Consumer Duty and communications

A Consumer Duty webinar (53:49)

How understandable are firms’ communications? How well do they work for those with learning disabilities, a lack of financial understanding, language disorders, poor English skills, hearing problems, or poor sight? Setting these aside, clarity of communications affects all consumers. This webinar examines the requirements of Consumer Duty – and how organisations can best implement communications strategies to address any shortcomings which may lead to potential harms. The webinar will be hosted by Peter Labrow, head of marketing at MorganAsh. He chatted with Andy Kirby, CEO and co-founder of Money Alive and co-founder of Adviser Home, and Robin Harries, lead consultant at communications business Quietroom.


Vulnerability data needed for board reports and Consumer Duty compliance

A Consumer Duty webinar (58:12)

The FCA requires that all firms must report on the impact on vulnerable customers for each and all of the four outcomes of Consumer Duty. But from where do we get the vulnerability data for these reports? This webinar examines the output: the vulnerability reports required for firms to ensure that they provide good outcomes – and the evidence that they are meeting Consumer Duty.


How will Consumer Duty’s rules work in the real world?

A Consumer Duty webinar (59:49)

The FCA’s principle-based rules on Consumer Duty are one thing, but how are these likely to be applied in real life? Just how will these principles be followed in practice? This webinar tackles this head on. The panel takes specific Consumer Duty rules and explores how advisers and firms might apply these in real situations – providing a valuable insight into not only how these rules will be accommodated but also how the rest of Consumer Duty might be best applied.


The upside of vulnerability – matching services to consumer needs

A Consumer Duty webinar (58:15)

This webinar explores signposting, and how it can be better used; how services are embedded in products and how we can better match these to consumers’ needs; how far do we need to go to reduce potential harms. The expert team consists of Johnny Timpson OBE, FRSA, Financial Services Consumer Panel member and Financial Inclusion Commissioner; Paul Roberts, owner and director of MyProtectionExpert and Andrew Gething, founder and managing director of MorganAsh.


Evidencing management information for Consumer Duty

A Consumer Duty webinar (1:00:05)

Roundtable discussion on 'Evidencing Management Information for Consumer Duty' with our expert speakers, James Edmonds Customer Experience Director at Investor in Customers Mike Perry Previous CEO of PG Mutual, Tony Crane Consumer Duty Expert & Keynote Speaker, Andrew Gething Founder and Managing Director at MorganAsh. This session will focus on vulnerability and consumer outcomes, understanding and support rather than price and value.


Using data for monitoring to meet Consumer Duty

A Consumer Duty webinar (53:24)

Roundtable discussion on 'Using Data for Monitoring to Meet Consumer Duty,' with our expert team of Simon Ripton, Director of Propositions at Moneyhub, Ben Allott, Commercial Director at Infinian, Tony Crane, Consumer Duty Expert, and Andrew Gething, MorganAsh's founder and Managing Director.


Meeting FCA Consumer Duty regulations with MARS

A Consumer Duty webinar (01:01)

Vulnerability and now Consumer Duty regulations have increased the need for firms to understand and communicate customer characteristics. In this session, we look at the philosophy of the MorganAsh MARS tool, how individual data can be used only for managing vulnerability and monitoring consumers throughout the product lifecycle, and many Consumer Duty requirements.


How vulnerability and Consumer Duty overlap

A Consumer Duty webinar (56:50)

A Consumer Duty webinar and round-table discussion, with Tony Crane, Jonathan Warren and Andrew Gething – looking at how the FCA’s guidance on customer vulnerability and Consumer Duty overlap and what this means for financial services firms.

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