A strong participation rate resulted in 95% of liabilities being medically underwritten.

BSW Timber & Howie Forest Products
BSW Timber is the largest sawmilling company in the UK. It has 1200 employees, £300m turnover and 2 closed final salary (DB) pension schemes. It is believed to be the first company to undertake both a MUMS and MUBA project.

CML Microsystems
A medically underwritten mortality study by MorganAsh reduced the deficit in the scheme by around 10% – and enabled company directors and scheme members to better evaluate their options of remaining in the scheme or transferring out.

Grant Thornton
Grant Thornton’s pension advisory team worked with MorganAsh on a large DB pension scheme sponsored by a professional services company. The purpose was to understand the health and marital status of its scheme membership in far greater detail.

Institute of Chartered Accountants
A buy-in undertaken using a tender process managed by MorganAsh becomes part of one of the few UK pension schemes to have completed two medically underwritten buy-ins.

Institution of Engineering and Technology
Working with MorganAsh, Hymans Robertson became one of the pioneers of the medically underwritten buy-in market, recognising significant benefits for its pension scheme clients.

Johnston Press
In 2015, MorganAsh undertook a MUMS analysis for Johnston Press; the result of the revaluation for financial reporting was a reduction in the deficit of £50m – around 10% of the total pension value.

JT Dove
Builders merchant JT Dove reduced its forecast pension deficit by 11% after commissioning medical underwriters MorganAsh to re-examine mortality calculations.

75% of liabilities being assessed led to changes to the assumptions on mortality.

Renold, the international supplier of industrial chains, employs around 2,500 people in more than 23 countries around the world. The Renold’s DB pension scheme entered a buy-in to fully de-risk around 25% of its UK pensioner liabilities with Just Retirement.

Svitzer Marine
This transaction was carried out after a competitive tender run by LCP with health and lifestyle data collected by MorganAsh.

Our clients say:

The MorganAsh PLUS service has created robust outputs that have accelerated confidence amongst consultants in the medically underwritten de-risking market. This has resulted in a significant rise in the number of consultants participating in the market during the last year.

Tim Coulson, director of defined benefit solutions, Just Retirement