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When a serious illness or accident means that a person’s life is suddenly – and perhaps permanently – changed, it can be hard to find the right kind of help. Insurance provides financial support, and health services deliver practical treatment – but a person’s needs go far beyond this.

There’s no practice run for coping with life-limiting illnesses like cancer or motor neurone disease. No easy person to talk to about stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and potential mental health issues. No adequate manual for dealing with the loss of a loved one.

At times like these, everyone welcomes a little Peace of Mind.

Peace of Mind is a specialist advice service, staffed by experienced nurses. We provide expert help, along with the empathy and continued emotional support that practical healthcare services may be unable to give. We either help people get things back on track – or enable them to cope with their new lives. We have the time to listen, helping each person in the best way for them; personalising our service every time.

We outline options available for treatment or support, recommend coping strategies, explain complex medical terminology, provide physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and expert counselling services – including bereavement counselling. We connect people with self-help groups – and much more.

Peace of Mind. Helping people get on with their lives after a crisis.

Our clients say:

We are committed to providing the easiest way for our members to purchase our income protection contract, and this is a great improvement. Interviews are conducted in privacy and at the applicant’s convenience. Financial advisers often have long-term relationships with their clients; tele-interviewing avoids embarrassing face-to-face discussions of intimate medical and personal details.

Farrukh Mirza, deputy chief executive of Dentists’ Provident