While pension annuities may not work for everyone, it’s still always worth reviewing the return they may give.   

Since an annuity price depends heavily on the consumer’s life expectancy, a health analysis is a vital part of a robust quotation process. The more accurate the health information provided, the greater the chance of obtaining a higher quotation. 

MorganAsh’s annuities quotations service makes fast work of both checking what that return could be, and obtaining quotations – plus, we have a proven and consistent track record of helping people to secure higher annuity premiums.  

We can do this because our health analysis is undertaken by a specialist, qualified nurse – using bespoke information systems – to obtain exactly the right information for the insurance underwriters, and their data systems. 

MorganAsh has provided this service since 2012 – with only positive feedback from our clients and their partners. 

Partners can request our annuities quotations service directly, through iPipeline. Then, a MorganAsh nurse will arrange to interview the client over the phone. Once we have the required information, we first submit this to the insurance providers, then proactively progress obtaining prices – until, finally, we provide partners with a one-page summary of the resulting quotations. All for a low, fixed, per-case fee.  

In 95% of cases. the enhanced information obtained through the nurse assessment led to MorganAsh obtaining a better annuity price than would be achieved by completing an online form. 

When the decision is to not use an annuity, exploring all potential outcomes in the most rigorous way ensures that you have delivered the best possible personalised advice – far better than simply quoting standard annuity premiums, which aren’t personalised – and could be open to challenge later.  

Annuities quotations from MorganAsh. Low cost. Quick. Simple. Accurate – and better. 

Our clients say:

We are committed to providing the easiest way for our members to purchase our income protection contract, and this is a great improvement. Interviews are conducted in privacy and at the applicant’s convenience. Financial advisers often have long-term relationships with their clients; tele-interviewing avoids embarrassing face-to-face discussions of intimate medical and personal details.

Farrukh Mirza, deputy chief executive of Dentists’ Provident