While plenty of companies focus on one specific sector or set of skills, MorganAsh combines technology skills with human empathy and financial services expertise – to deliver an unequalled range of support services for the financial sector.

Our technology

We’ve developed our own highly secure, bespoke information systems, to manage sensitive data in the most efficient way possible. Developing our own infrastructure is essential – we develop and integrate systems that exactly match our customers’ specific needs, without compromise. We analyse data in-house, utilising our own machine learning technology – and share only the results with our customers. We are certified to ISO 27001. 

Our people

Technology delivers efficiency, but even with advances in AI and machine learning it’s a long way from providing human understanding when faced with challenging and emotive situations. We built a skilled well-being team – comprised entirely of trained healthcare professionals, all experienced senior nurses with time-earned medical expertise and trained to provide professional support.

Our financial expertise

We developed considerable expertise in the financial services sector, providing specialist services which range from underwriting to claims, tele-interviewing to helping source new business. We’ve also built a range of services for both the sector itself and its customers – our innovative Peace of Mind offerings, helping people when they need it most – and going way beyond other, practical healthcare services by providing support, empathy and help.

Where the magic comes together

Being a specialist in any one of these three areas would be enough for most – but the real payoff is where bespoke technology, human empathy and financial focus come together. By combining these disciplines into single services, MorganAsh is able to provide outstanding cost-efficiency, performance, flexibility and choice – while delivering best-in-class customer experiences. 

Sales and enquiries

If you are interested in any of MorganAsh’s services, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

Our clients say:

From start to finish, the whole journey has been nothing but brilliant. Prior to talking to the team, I was stressing and overthinking everything about my mother going into a care home – and how she would cope once I’d moved away. Once I’d spoken to the nurse, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t realise how stressful finding the right care would be. The nurse was great; I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to find care for their mother or father.

Care Navigator customer