Lindsay had battled with depression for several years. The depression was first triggered when, after the birth of her first son, she was diagnosed with post-natal depression and prescribed antidepressants by her GP.

Ten years later, Lindsay still suffers with bouts of depression, triggered without a specific cause – it just comes and goes.

Lindsay decided to look for extra support in the form of counselling alongside her antidepressants; she was offered counselling from the NHS, but the waiting list was very long – and so she decided against it.

Looking online, she came across Peace of Mind – which offers counselling over the phone; she preferred this option as she didn’t need to meet a counsellor face to face.

Lindsay gave Peace of Mind a call and spoke to one of the team, who advised her they could offer telephone-based counselling as and when it suited her. A few days later, Lindsay was put in touch with a counsellor.

“I found the service to be flexible – and I like that. I needed counselling, but I wanted to split the sessions over a few months, as my depression can be up and down. The nurse was very understanding.”

Lindsay had three sessions of counselling over a consecutive three weeks, then had a break for two months, then she had another group of three sessions.

“The counselling sessions were great; I found the counsellor to be very understanding and easy to talk to, I would definitely recommend Peace of Mind counselling to anyone who needs it.”

The client’s name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.

Our clients say:

To ensure that we are delivering the best possible outcomes for all customers, we need to move beyond simply identifying vulnerability and look at the more holistic concept of resilience and how support needs to be tailored according to individual circumstances. We are therefore delighted to see the launch of the new MorganAsh service which provides a simple, objective and consistent way of better understanding an individual’s vulnerability via a ‘resilience rating’.”

Will Hale, CEO, Key