Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, accounting for approximately 15% of cancer diagnoses – which is around 55,000 people per year.

The next few months became a whirlwind of tests and treatment. Jane had six sessions of chemotherapy, which she describes as being “very tough”, followed by a full mastectomy of the right breast and then fifteen sessions of radiotherapy. After this, she underwent DIEP reconstructive surgery, involving a major fifteen-hour operation in Edinburgh, where she also spent several weeks recuperating – many miles from her home and family.

As a customer of PG Mutual, Jane was offered telephone support and guidance, to help her through treatment and recovery. This service was provided by MorganAsh’s Peace of Mind team.

“The nurse called regularly,” said Jane, “and gave me so much empathy. It was like having a private counsellor. When I had a call scheduled, I’d get in bed with a cup of tea. She’d ask how I was doing – and got me to open up about my doubts in a way that’s not always possible, even with close family and friends. I can’t express in words how much of a help she was.”

Breast-cancer patient Jane received a level of empathy and personal support that really helped her get through a highly challenging time.

Because Jane was talking to a nurse, they were able to discuss medical procedures in depth, with the nurse being a knowledgeable sounding board for Jane’s concerns. “She would listen,” said Jane, “and really understand. It was almost like having a friend on call – I could ring with any query and it was never a chore. She was totally tuned into me – once or twice I’d got upset and she would suggest taking a break, walking the dogs or getting a cup of tea. And then we’d speak later. She went the extra mile – such as calling before my operation, just to check that I was okay.”

Jane says Peace of Mind provided “immense support” and it’s something she would highly recommend. “I would definitely say ‘yes’ to this if I went through something like my illness again.

I was really happy with how easy it was to arrange or rearrange calls. The extra psychological and emotional support was invaluable. It meant I could offload less to those around me, and it made me emotionally stronger and more able to cope. Although it’s good to be getting back to life, I’m really going to miss those calls when they end.”

The client’s name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.

Our clients say:

The work which MorganAsh carried out was absolutely instrumental in us gaining a better understanding of the mortality profile in our pension scheme. The project was handled with enormous sensitivity and care, with members genuinely feeling that they were assisting in the better running of the pension scheme, by providing their health information. Interviews were carried out by qualified medical practitioners – with the end result being that members felt more engaged with the pension scheme and had a greater confidence in its governance. This was a very worthwhile exercise, which added value on many levels.

Nigel Clark, finance director at CML Microsystems