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Comment on FCA's multi-firm review for Consumer Duty

| MorganAsh press release

As the FCA multi-firm review highlights areas of focus for firms implementing Consumer Duty, we have a comment from Andrew Gething, Consumer Duty expert and managing director of MorganAsh.

Key demonstrates good vulnerability assessments with MorganAsh to lead later life sector on vulnerability

| MorganAsh press release

Key Later Life Finance, the UK’s largest equity release advice firm, has seen positive results from its vulnerability assessments, with the help of MARS from MorganAsh.

Foresters Financial achieves 99.99% claim pay-out rate with the help of MorganAsh

| MorganAsh press release

In the UK, Foresters Financial, the mutual financial services organisation, has achieved an outstanding claim pay-out rate of 99.99 per-cent for critical illness and income protection, with the help of wellness specialist MorganAsh.

Blog: Consumer Duty - the shift to self-policing

| MorganAsh press release

The FCA has moved its Consumer Duty principle to be a self-policed model, with firms needing to gather evidence to demonstrate good behaviour.

MorganAsh and Moneyhub join forces to address vulnerability and Consumer Duty

| MorganAsh press release

Blog: Why sharing individual customer data is the practical solution to meeting Consumer Duty

| MorganAsh press release

In July 2022, the FCA released the final version of its Consumer Duty requirements (FG22/5 & PS22/9). For current business, firms must implement this by July 2023. While the regulations do not require data to be collected from each consumer, collecting data on individual consumers will be the most efficient way for most firms to meet many of the Consumer Duty requirements. There are three main reasons for this.

Key and MorganAsh collaborate to lead the Later Life Lending sector on vulnerability

| MorganAsh press release

Key has agreed to work collaboratively with MorganAsh on a pilot scheme to use its new adviser tool to support later life lending advisers in identifying, assessing and managing client vulnerability.

MorganAsh announces new partnership with Infinian

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh, the specialist data supplier allowing firms in the financial services sector to manage consumer vulnerability and meet regulatory requirements, today announced a new partnership with Infiinian. Its new partner, Infinian, is a leading provider of lending insights and data analytics for the consumer finance sector.

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