The vast majority of IFAs who have already been involved in tele-interviewing were positive about its improvement in the efficiency of the process, with only 6% reporting a deterioration in efficiency. Of IFAs who have not been exposed to it yet, more than 79% of those who expressed an opinion stated that tele-underwriting will improve efficiency.

“What impact do you think tele-underwriting could have on the efficiency of new business underwriting and processing?”

The survey was carried out in February 2005 as part of the IFA census monitoring service by NMG. IFAs who are active in the protection market were surveyed on their experiences and opinions on tele-underwriting and e-products.

On balance, clients have reacted positively to the tele-underwriting experience, although many are neutral about the experience. Three quarters of respondents

believe clients will react neutrally or positively to being contacted directly, 20% believe that clients will react negatively.

“How do you think your clients might react to a provider contacting them directly to obtain further medical information?”

So far, MorganAsh has had no complaints from IFAs or customers, completing 98% of cases within a matter of days.

Andrew Gething, managing director of MorganAsh, commented, “The statistics are in line with our own experiences, applicants are happy to talk – and everyone has been amazed by the volume and quality of the information we are receiving from the tele-interview.”

The survey was carried out in February 2005 as part of the IFA census monitoring service by NMG. 158 registered IFAs who actively advise on protection products.

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At Key, we are committed to helping customers achieve the best possible outcomes and, as part of this, we are exploring opportunities to work more closely with MorganAsh in this arena. The industry needs more initiatives like MARS.

Will Hale, CEO, Key