MorganAsh will use the AURA rules engine and the AURA back office software to power their tele-interview and tele-underwriting service.

The tele-interview process consists of a phone interview with life and health insurance applicants to collect medical and occupational information – and is set to replace the cumbersome paper application forms previously used in the UK.

The service includes:

  • the scheduling and interviewing of applicants at their convenience.
  • the recording of all interviews for compliance and claims evidence.
  • the automatic underwriting decision.
  • the generation of a report for manual underwriting on complex cases.
  • the management and collection of medical evidence.
  • the management, collation, display and scheduling of all underwriting data.

This turnkey solution allows insurance companies and banks to implement an off-the-shelf service and then tailor it to meet their underwriting philosophy.

The service will be fully Web-enabled, so companies can access the system from their home offices, and also allows secure access for third-party outsourced underwriting providers based in alternate locations.

“We are delighted to partner with MorganAsh to provide these services in the UK. It is a great service for our existing AURA customers as well as those who do not yet use AURA,” commented Mark Friedel, vice president, research anddevelopment of RGA Technology Partners, Inc.

“AURA is a terrific product and it allows us to provide all the services our customers require. IT systems should no longer be a limitation for tele-interviewing or underwriting departments,” stated Andrew Gething, managingdirector of MorganAsh.

The deal was completed in early 2004 after an extensive selection period.

MorganAsh has tailored and integrated the system over the last 15 months.

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MARS puts me in a far better position than before. I didn’t have any information like this, or evidence of client vulnerabilities.

Paul Russell, chartered financial planner