Bank of Ireland Life has been testing the process for the last twelve months and, following its success, will now gradually roll it out across their various distribution channels.


The tele-interviewing service is operated by MorganAsh’s nurses, who, on behalf of Bank of Ireland Life, telephone applicants to undertake an in-depth interview of their medical history. This reduces the need for Bank of Ireland Life to later collect information from doctors’ surgeries, greatly improving the turnaround times of client applications.


Financial advisers for the bank benefit from the increased speed of processing client cases, and the more diligent process reduces the chance of subsequent claims being contested for non-disclosure.

“Tele-interviewing has enabled us to replace a significant proportion of our GP reports, thereby cutting the timeline for receipt of medical evidence by more than 60%. It has also been very well received by our own sales force,” said Noel Finnegan, underwriting manager at Bank of Ireland Life.

Andrew Gething, managing director for MorganAsh, stated: “Tele-interviewing is rapidly taking off within the life assurance industry in Ireland. It is invaluable to companies wishing to improve the speed of collecting medical evidence as part of their application process.”

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Our clients say:

We are seeing increasing enthusiasm amongst trustees and sponsors of moderately sized pension schemes to integrate medical underwriting into their bulk annuity purchase exercises. A coordinated and consistent approach is therefore crucial and we welcome MorganAsh's efforts to develop and refine such an approach in conjunction with a number of insurers.

Neil Rogers, bulk annuity consultant, Mercer Limited