The system is interlinked with MorganAsh’s resourcing system, so that the appropriate resources are available to meet the consumer demands. IFAs can book their tele-interview appointments, within half-hour slots, and immediately. Existing systems are commonly not integrated with the available resources and are hence limited to offering morning, afternoon or evening slots and only a day in advance.

“Speed and consumer service are paramount, our telephone mortgage team have been using the system since the start of the year – and are delighted. They can book the time of the appointment while on the phone with the consumer, thus speeding up the process,” commented Noel Freely, chief underwriter at the Co-operative.

“It is important to offer customers choice, and the ability to choose convenient and precise appointment times. It is unfair on consumers to have to wait around expecting a call ‘in the afternoon’,” commented Andrew Parker, head of operations at LifeSearch.

“We listened to the requirements of advisers and built our systems to provide a service that is flexible, and provides a superior consumer experience, and we manage our resources to meet the consumer demands. This is in stark contrast to others who build systems around minimising costs and fixed resources that cannot flex to meet these consumer behaviours,” commented Andrew Gething, managing director of MorganAsh.

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The service has been amazing, from the initial support received from an in-house nurse, to being referred to a specialised mental-health therapist. During the time of my therapy sessions I received ongoing support from the nurse who would contact me regularly for an update of my progression. The battle with depression has been very difficult to overcome but MorganAsh has helped me every step of the way.

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