By integrating with the Annuity Exchange’s AMS system, MorganAsh now sends and processes applications to annuity providers as well as the medical assessment.

Advisers can submit their client information to MorganAsh, who will carry out a full medical assessment then submit the case to the annuity providers. MorganAsh will then return the annuity quotations to the adviser with a full quotation comparison.

Annuity providers report that over half of applications do not give sufficient medical information to ensure the best annuity rate available to an individual. MorganAsh overcomes this by carrying out a thorough medical assessment using professional nurses. The result is that 60% to 70% of consumers qualify for an enhanced annuity – at least twice the industry average.

Stuart Bayliss of AMS said: “Integrating with MorganAsh will help deliver a better service for our clients. Our service will have seamless access to MorganAsh’s enhanced annuity service while MorganAsh can offer a faster and more efficient administrative process.”

Leading IFA firm Helm Godfrey believes that the tie-up between MorganAsh and the Annuity Exchange will enhance its already successful specialist retirement service iRetire.

Graham Cross, Helm Godfrey’s managing director, said: “Since launching our innovative pre-retirement advisory service iRetire this year we have used MorganAsh to help secure better annuity rates for our clients. The results have been very good and the link-up with Annuity Exchange should streamline the administrative side of the process, ensuring our clients lock-in the best annuity rate available to them as quickly as possible.”

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