Dentists’ Provident, the only Holloway Friendly Society established exclusively for dentists, recently completed a hugely successful pilot prior to making the strategic decision to adopt the MorganAsh tele-interviewing service. Dentists’ Provident has introduced the tele-interviewing service as a way of delivering new business faster and more efficiently, enhancing the quality of the information obtained and improving the overall customer experience.

To simplify the application process, application forms have been shortened and concentrate on the financial aspects. Medical and vocational information is collected by MorganAsh during the tele-interview.

MorganAsh tele-interviews are undertaken by qualified and experienced nurses. All interviews are digitally recorded, stored for quality assurance purposes and for any future claims.

David Jones, manager of new business and underwriting, commented: “We are massively impressed by MorganAsh’s tele-interviewing service. The wealth and depth of information acquired during the interview is staggering. This has enabled us to drastically reduce the amount of GPRs we require and shortens the application process from weeks to days.”

Farrukh Mirza, deputy chief executive of Dentists’ Provident, stated: “We are committed to providing the easiest way for our members to purchase our income protection contract, and this is a great improvement. Interviews are conducted in privacy and at the applicant’s convenience. Financial advisers often have long-term relationships with their clients; tele-interviewing avoids embarrassing face-to-face discussions of intimate medical and personal details.”

Andrew Gething, managing director of MorganAsh, commented: “In a few years’ time we will look back and wonder why we ever expected financial advisers to collect medical information. Financial advisers should not be undertaking medical interviews; they are not trained for this sensitive role and have limited knowledge of medical conditions. Although this is a radical view, every adviser I meet agrees with me.”

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While medical underwriting can appear to be complex to some, the practices we have built with MorganAsh ensure all complexity is taken care of, and these practices are a key reason why we currently have a 100% transaction completion rate.

James Mullins, partner and head of buy-out solutions, Hymans Robertson LLP