Cirencester Friendly was established in 1890 in Cirencester, which is in the heart of the Cotswolds. Primarily formed for the benefit of agricultural workers based in Gloucestershire, today the society caters for the income protection needs of tens of thousands of customers from all walks of life from across the UK, with its award-winning product ‘Income Assured Plus’.

MorganAsh nurses interview applicants on behalf of Cirencester Friendly about their health. From today, should any further medical information be required at application stage, a tele-interview will be used for many applicants, thus reducing the need for a GPR or nurse visit.

With improved speed of application, and more diligently gathered information reducing the chance of subsequent claims being contested, financial advisers can only benefit.

“In these financially turbulent times, income protection is more important than ever. We are constantly trying to make our service easier to engage with, and the adoption of tele-interviewing is a positive step in improving our service,” said Paul Hudson, chief executive of Cirencester Friendly.

“We are delighted to be working with Cirencester Friendly in not only improving service for financial advisers, but also in improving the quality of information at application stage and thereby improving disclosure at any subsequent claim,” commented Andrew Gething, managing director of MorganAsh.

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Our clients say:

We have a significant proportion of our enhanced annuity applications which are poorly completed or indeed incomplete. This could result in our not being able to offer the best possible terms. The customer journey to us is very important and the applications received from MorganAsh make it a one-stop journey. It helps us to maximise the potential income we can offer to our customers and avoids us having to go back to the customer for further information.

Richard Helyer, chief underwriter and claims manager, Canada life, UK