Following completion of a successful pilot with MorganAsh in September 2007, Aegon has now decided to roll out the tele-interviewing service across its entire range of individual protection products. For this phase of the tele-interviewing service – known as “little t” – applicants will only be interviewed if a disclosure is captured at the application stage.

The pilot demonstrated that MorganAsh tele-interviewing significantly speeds up the underwriting process and saves costs on medical evidence.

Previously, Aegon had to wait a considerable period of time for medical information to be returned following information disclosed on the application form. At times, this caused significant delays in getting people on-risk quickly. Now, where clients are tele-interviewed, 70% can be underwritten immediately without the need for further medical information and with a turnround time in the region of 6 days.

Matt Rann, head of underwriting and claims at Aegon Scottish Equitable, said: “We undertook a tele-interview pilot last year with MorganAsh. The results were so compelling that we decided to implement this for all our individual protection products.

“We are committed to continuously improving the service we provide to our distributors. MorganAsh tele-interviewing will significantly enhance our proposition and replace the need for further medical evidence in a large proportion of cases.”

Andrew Gething, managing director for MorganAsh, commented: “We are collecting better information than GPRs, as well as slashing the turnround times, so removing the barriers to selling protection while reducing non-disclosure. With the present mortgage slowdown, this double whammy is just in time and there is a window of opportunity to increase the sales of protection.”

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