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“We have completed several medically underwritten bulk annuity exercises. The MorganAsh service has been an important element of these exercises, enabling us to obtain a successful outcome for our clients.”

Paul Darlow, Xafinity Consulting

“Trusted and consistently high quality data, particularly data collected using trained healthcare professionals as part of a medically underwritten bulk annuity tender, is essential in giving reassurance to the Trustees and scheme members – and also in obtaining a competitive price for the client”.

David Stewart, Partner at Lane Clark & Peacock

“I think that your service should be used for all cases. Would have taken me a long time to complete all of the forms and I’m amazed by how quick your service is.”

Keith Kemp, Essex Finance Solutions, St James's Place

“The MorganAsh process of contacting scheme members went very well. We received a good reduction from the insurers which enabled us to pursue a buy in transaction, thus de-risking our scheme.”

Howard Jones, Director of Howie Group Limited and Trustee of the Howie Group Limited Staff Retirement Benefits Plan

"What I like about MorganAsh, is that they bring innovation and value to our business. They are far more than just a supplier. They are a true partner."

Mike Perry, CEO, PG Mutual

“The MorganAsh PLUS service has created robust outputs that has accelerated confidence amongst consultants in the medically underwritten de-risking market. This has resulted in a significant rise in the number of consultants participating in the market during the last year.”

Tim Coulson, Director of defined benefit solutions, Just Retirement

“The receipt of high quality data is paramount in enabling us to understand the health of individuals and it ensures there is no bias in selection. The MorganAsh interview is of high quality and reliability and we are happy to price on this basis.”

Phillip Beach, Head of Core Pension Risk Transfer Business for Legal and General

“MorganAsh Tele-interviewing has enabled us to replace a significant proportion of our GP reports thereby cutting the timeline for receipt of medical evidence by more than 60%. It has also been well very received by our own advisers."

Noel Finnegan, Underwriting Manager, New Ireland

“We are seeing increasing enthusiasm amongst trustees and sponsors of moderately sized pension schemes to integrate medical underwriting into their bulk annuity purchase exercises. A coordinated and consistent approach is therefore crucial and we welcome MorganAsh's efforts to develop and refine such an approach in conjunction with a number of insurers.”

Neil Rogers, bulk annuity consultant, Mercer Limited

"The time saving for the adviser more than makes up for the small charge for using the MorganAsh service and we would recommend the service to all advisers with clients who are considering annuity purchase, where impaired rates might apply.”

Julie Calvert, Technical Director – Pavis Financial Management limited

“Very pleased that you managed to obtain a better quote for this client with Just Retirement than a rival adviser from another FA company. This saved us the business with this client who has a lot of money managed through us.”

Andy Lees, Lees Wealth Management, St James's Place

“We have a significant proportion of our enhanced annuity applications which are poorly completed or indeed incomplete. This could result in our not being able to offer the best possible terms. The customer journey to us is very important and the applications received from MorganAsh make it a one stop journey. It helps us to maximise the potential income we can offer to our customers and avoids us having to go back to the customer for further information."

Richard Helyer, Chief Underwriter and Claims Manager, Canada life, UK

“The overall growth in medically underwritten bulk annuity activity this year has been considerable, not surprising given the improved pricing this can bring. Effective data collation from pensioners is crucial - MorganAsh’s activity in this area can only help support further market growth.”

Costas Yiasoumi, Director of Defined Benefit Solutions, Partnership

"We expect more trustees and sponsors to follow BSW Timber's lead and use individual member underwriting to really get to grips with their longevity risk."

Iain McLellan, - Pension actuary, KPMG

“Longevity is a key issue when giving retirement income advice and the Life Planning report from MorganAsh will help advisers determine their clients longer term income requirement. This will be a valuable addition to every advisers ‘retirement income tool kit."

Billy Burrows, Director, Retirement Intelligence

“If you’re confident your process isn’t going to miss anything, then that’s great, but if you’re not, you may well be interested in the telephone medical assessment process offered by companies such as MorganAsh.”

Steve Martell, Just Retirement

“While medical underwriting can appear to be complex to some, the practices we have built with MorganAsh ensure all complexity is taken care of, and these practices are a key reason why we currently have a 100% transaction completion rate.”

James Mullins, Partner and Head of Buy-out Solutions, Hymans Robertson LLP

“The MorganAsh service is an essential component in our service to help our customers secure the highest possible retirement income available.”

Guy Simmonds, Head of Product Protection and Investments, Nationwide

“With MorganAsh Tele-interviewing all clients, we are freeing the adviser from the arduous and embarrassing task of collecting medical information. With our product they can focus on the product and financial advice. Advisors and networks are becoming increasingly aware of their exposed liability to their clients in having to undertake the medical interviews, we consider this old model unsustainable within the Treating Customers Fairly environment.”

Geoff Spencer; Managing Director, Shepherds Friendly Society