A little help can make a big difference.

Not just making things better – giving you peace of mind. Peace of Mind provides empathic help, support and guidance for people when they most need it – when finding care or adjusting to a changed life.

Peace of Mind is the collective name for a group of services provided by MorganAsh – designed to meet people’s needs in a more sympathetic and caring way than many traditional services.

Peace of Mind services are highly personal. We work with people to help uncover their exact needs – and then build a solution around those. They are designed to save people from ‘standard’ services where the only help they can get is via an online form or call-centre employee – or from the monumental task of sifting through online information and bureaucratic red tape. 

Peace of Mind delivers the kind of help that only experienced nurses can provide – because our support teams consist only of fully qualified nurses. They’re highly experienced, not just in terms of medical knowledge and understanding, but also in their ability to empathise with the situations of others.

They get to know each and every one of our customers. They learn about the person’s needs, their personal situation, the care they’re getting and the support they receive – so that we can provide exactly the right help and guidance in every case. They understand that people aren’t identical; that everyone’s needs are different. They work with people to help, to provide the kind of support that can be missing from more mainstream services. 

We help people find care homes, or care at home, for loved ones. We help people to get their lives moving again after an accident, or serious physical or mental illness. We listen. We understand. We help.

Our clients say:

The nurse called regularly and gave me so much empathy. It was like having a private counsellor. When I had a call scheduled, I’d get in bed with a cup of tea. She’d ask how I was doing – and got me to open up about my doubts in a way that’s not always possible, even with close family and friends. I can’t express in words how much of a help she was.

Peace of Mind client