Peace of Mind

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Life insurance for the rest of us

Most life insurance policies are designed for mainstream consumers. For those with complicated needs, or those who are living impaired lives, insurance can seem to be out of reach. MorganAsh is here to help.

For those who can’t find an insurance policy to suit them, or have been declined insurance because of health issues, MorganAsh can help.

Many insurance offerings are geared towards the mainstream population – and so are insurance companies’ selection systems (whether these are online forms or telesales teams). Their generalised approach often ‘misses the detail’ resulting in higher prices or being denied insurance.

The reality is that when the right conversations are held, the individual’s circumstances are understood, insurance is available for most people. But it’s a challenge for them to find it.

That’s where MorganAsh can help.

We undertake thorough interviews, we listen to individuals’ circumstances and then we take this rich information to potential insurance providers to get people a good deal on the right insurance for them.

Life insurance

All interviews are undertaken by trained nurses, healthcare professionals who have a deep understanding of conditions that can exclude some from insurance. Our nurses listen and understand, building a more complete – and objective – picture of a person’s well-being. 

We then take this information to insurance providers, to find the right insurance for that person’s needs. Often, we can provide an estimate before going to insurance companies – as we understand their circumstances more fully. 

As we provide underwriting services for the majority of UK and Eire insurance companies, we understand their policies and underwriting approaches. Since we are trusted by these same insurance companies, they can be commercially confident when we provide them with complex cases.

We take away the hassle of dealing with standard processes and red tape, providing a service which truly understands the needs of each person – and then find the right insurance. 


To apply, simply let us have your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Peace of mind

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Our clients say:

You were very kind. You have just been so nice compared to other people I have talked to. From one person to another, I really do thank you.

Peace of Mind client