Peace of Mind

A MorganAsh Peace of Mind service – designed to help people through the most difficult of times, giving them help, support and guidance – find out more

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Help with navigating care

Finding care for people in later life can be complex. So many options. So much terminology. No one place to go to for help. We provide help, support, guidance – and Peace of Mind.

Very impressed, genuinely surprised, and wasn't expecting the support aspect. Very helpful, thank you. Impressed by the idea of the meditation and will look into that, definitely. Impressed by your efforts.”

– Peace of Mind client

Care Navigator

Peace of Mind provides expert support and guidance for those seeking to put care in place for themselves or loved ones. This can be when planning in advance, or it can be when circumstances suddenly change. 

Help at a difficult time

It’s emotionally challenging when people need to find long-term care for themselves, or for their loved ones. We understand this; our role is to share the burden, to make things easier, allowing people to focus on themselves while we provide the kind of support and guidance that only years of experience can deliver.

Expert help, from experienced nurses

Our service is entirely staffed by experienced nurses – people who not only understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of those requiring senior care, but who also are used to listening, caring and providing empathy. Their role is to understand a person’s specific needs and then to match those needs to the most suitable care – whether that’s to be provided at home, or in a care home.

Balanced, unbiased guidance

Our only concern is helping a person, or that person’s loved ones, find the right care. We’re not on commission. We don’t get any kind of financial incentive. Our service is either paid for as part of an insurance policy or other financial service – or is paid for directly by a customer. We provide guidance you can trust.


To apply, simply let us have your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Peace of mind

To enquire about our Peace of Mind services, please get in touch.

We provide help and support for people who:

  • are looking for care support at home, to facilitate independent living for as long as possible.
  • need to find a care home quickly for themselves or for a loved one.
  • feel overwhelmed when faced with choosing either a residential care home or the right kind of care at home.
  • are supporting a loved one who needs elderly care – and feel lost.

We provide:

  • emotional support.
  • unbiased help and guidance.
  • unhurried and detailed explanations of the options available.
  • someone who will learn about each person’s needs and find the best care for them.
  • signposting to other services like local self-help groups.
  • organisation of second opinions for difficult cases.
  • navigation through the complexity and red tape of the NHS and social services.

Our clients say:

From start to finish the whole journey has been nothing but brilliant. Prior to talking to the team, I was stressing and overthinking everything about my mother going into a home and how she would cope once I’d moved away. Once I’d spoken to the nurse I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t realise how stressful finding the right care would be. The nurse was great, I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to find care for their mother or father.

Peace of Mind client