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Vulnerability assessment service for later-life lenders

Vulnerability assessment service for later-life lenders

The business need

The FCA has stated that ‘many consumers in vulnerable circumstances are not receiving fair treatment from their financial services providers’ and that ‘some people find communicating with providers or accessing products difficult’. Some later-life lenders lack many of the processes, systems and teams needed to accurately and sympathetically assess the person’s vulnerability to ensure that the correct services are provided (or identify when requested services would be unsuitable or when providing them would be unethical). The FCA estimates that 60% of those aged over 65 are potentially vulnerable.

The service

When a bank or building society’s staff are concerned a customer may be vulnerable, they can refer them to a MorganAsh qualified nurse. The nurse will contact and professionally assess the customer – in a friendly and empathetic manner – for their physical and mental health, lifestyle and other factors (such as the strength of their support network). A measurement is then made using MorganAsh’s vulnerability score, which provides an objective, recordable output that can be retained for audit and compliance purposes. After assessing whether the person’s condition is temporary or permanent, MorganAsh will make recommendations for appropriate next steps.


  • Tailored service to meet the specific needs of both the banking organisation and its customers.
  • Ensures that vulnerable customers are reached by a means which best suits them.
  • Customers are assessed by a trained, qualified nurse.
  • More accurate, objective information on which better decisions can be based.


  • Reduces regulatory risk by helping lenders meet FCA requirements on treating customers fairly and responding sympathetically to any vulnerability.
  • Helps avoid repossessions involving elderly borrowers (and associated negative publicity).
  • Ensures products are correctly sold.
  • Provides differentiated, outstanding customer experience.

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Our clients say:

Longevity is a key issue when giving retirement-income advice and the life planning report from MorganAsh will help advisers determine their clients’ longer-term income requirement. This will be a valuable addition to every adviser’s ‘retirement-income toolkit.

Billy Burrows, director, Retirement Intelligence