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MorganAsh assesses over £2bn of pension assets

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh’s medical underwriting reaches £2bn of pension liabilities, with over 50 schemes evaluated.

BSW Timber MUMS project delivers £5m saving – first company to complete both MUBA and MUMS projects

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh believes it is the first company to use medical underwriting for both an insurance transaction and for valuation purposes, a MUBA and a MUMS project.

Johnston Press saves £50m on pension deficit – 10% saving on £500m pension scheme

| MorganAsh press release

The news was announced to the stock market on 3 February and resulted in a 13% increase in the company’s share price – and coverage in national media.

Next steps for medically underwriting in pensions

| MorganAsh press release

The CASS Business School, in association with the Pension Institute, has just released its report on the progress of medical underwriting for bulk annuities.

Speeding up the MUBA process – reduction in GPRs reduces turnaround time by weeks

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh has been supporting insurers, advisors and trustees in MUBA transactions for the past three years, and recently spoke with the leading insurers to understand the impact of our nurse-led tele-interviews.

RGA Technology Partners, Inc. and MorganAsh partner to provide a fully automated tele-underwriting service in the UK

| MorganAsh press release

MorganAsh, the UK’s leading tele-underwriting supplier, has partnered with RGA Technology Partners, Inc. to provide a fully automated tele-underwriting service.

Blog: understanding customer journeys for the secondary annuity market

| MorganAsh press release

We have been looking at the potential customer motivations and hence potential customer journeys for the secondary annuity market – by MorganAsh’s managing director, Andrew Gething

Johnston Press saves £50m

| MorganAsh press release

This saving to the company’s finances resulted in a 13% increase in the company’s share price.

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