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Crisis Support

As much as we’d all like to plan, sometimes life throws us challenges which either can’t be overcome or can’t be overcome very easily. There’s no manual for dealing with an accident or serious illness – but a little help can provide great Peace of Mind.

Crisis Support
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Crisis Support

The need

Like everyone, an employee’s life can be turned upside down at any time, by a serious illness or accident. Often, people’s lives are changed; sometimes this is permanent. Providing the best support for employees during these most difficult of times can be a challenge – most companies are simply not resourced to do this. And, at a practical level, there is also a need to try to help the employee back into normal life – and work.

The service

We provide expert support and guidance for those faced with a long-term illness or injury. We enable people to cope with their changed lives or help them get their lives back on track. MorganAsh’s experienced nurses work with employees to understand their specific needs and then to match those needs to the most suitable healthcare and support services. We provide services such as specialist counselling (including bereavement counselling) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). We also help to outline options available for treatment and support, explain complex medical terminology, recommend coping strategies, connect people with self-help groups – and much more.


  • Expert help from experienced, qualified nurses.
  • Support for an extensive range of physical and mental conditions.
  • Balanced, unbiased and independent advice.
  • Practical and emotional support.
  • Unhurried and detailed explanations of the options available.
  • Someone who will learn about each person’s needs and find the best support and healthcare services for them.
  • Professional counselling services.


  • Helps get employees back on track in the most effective, caring way.
  • Reduces employee downtime and maximises workforce utilisation.
  • Provides ‘employer of choice’ market differentiation.
  • Reduces complaints both internally and to the Financial Ombudsman Service and negates bad publicity.

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Our clients say:

The work which MorganAsh carried out was absolutely instrumental in us gaining a better understanding of the mortality profile in our pension scheme. The project was handled with enormous sensitivity and care, with members genuinely feeling that they were assisting in the better running of the pension scheme, by providing their health information. Interviews were carried out by qualified medical practitioners – with the end result being that members felt more engaged with the pension scheme and had a greater confidence in its governance. This was a very worthwhile exercise, which added value on many levels.

Nigel Clark, finance director at CML Microsystems